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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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it is an amazing thing and you controversial plan by donald trump for dealing with muslims in america. he is suggesting he would create a data base to require muslims to register. and one jewish group said registering everyone of a certain religion to a list? we've seen that. it doesn't end well. and we're learning more about the female who detonated a suicide vest during this week's raid in saint-denis, and this picture that she posted to social media back in june and audio from the raid.
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viewers may find it disturbing. also, belgium is conducting more raid in connection with the paris attacks and we've got you covered with nbc's ron mot in london and we begin with ron. good morning to you, ron. >> reporter: good morning. identified as the 26-year-old suicide bomber in that dramatic wednesday raid north of paris. and what is unclear is her connection to the suspected ring leader of the attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud and she claims to be the sister. she is the daughter of a moroccan immigrant and for the short time owning a business and shutting it down a year later. former neighbors of hers said she was mistreated as a child,
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seen drinking, smoking and doing drugs but earlier this year, she began wearing a ing aing a hijab and veil and telling neighbors she was a jihadist which they thought was a joke. today, the upper house of the french parliament will vote on whether to extend president's national state of emergency for three months after the underhouse voted to prolong the emergency until the end of february. if allows french authorities to enter residents without warrants and place those under arrest who are deemed a possible risk. >> what's the latest on those overnight raids? >> reporter: well, now that the ring leader, abdelhamid abaaoud is known dead, the hunt continues for the last known attacker, and now he's believed
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and that's probably what the investigators were doing yesterday were looking for. three of the nine houses they searched are in some way related to the paris attacks and one of the houses belonged to the abdelhamid abaaoud family. and now people are being taken into custody and we don't know whether any of them will be arrested. and prosecutors said they will release a statement shortly. but now, here right now, suspects can only be detained without charnel forge for 24 hours and yesterday, they tried to extend it to 72 hours. and there is a simple question many are asking at home, are we safe? pete williams reports. >> reporter: in new york city, police put on a show of force,
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largely intended to be reassuring as u.s. officials brushed off an isis video which includes a segment juks posing pictures of recycled photos of time's square. >> we have seen no connection at and the united states. >> reporter: the fbi's biggest worry, dozens of potential home grown extremists who have shown some response to isis propaganda who they worry might try to carry out copy cat attacks like what hand in paris. >> using all of our lawful tools, we'll keep watching and if we see something disruptive, we'll act. >> reporter: and while the paris attacks have western europe on high alert, american officials say there are reasons why the u.s. is generally safer. among them, the u.s. does not
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europe where it's it's to get in and out undetected. police are overwhelmed trying to track the estimated 5,000 peachople who have gone to syria and back, compared to a number in the teens in the u.s. with people who have gone to train with isis and come back. and officials say muslims in the u.s. generally feel more welcome here, better assimilated than in europe. their cooperation has been important in alerting u.s. police to potentially suspicious behavior. now to breaking news. former spy, jonathan pollard is being released on parole today. he was arrested in 1985 for spying for israel. he was sentenced to life in prison two yearsilate zs later.
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he will spend five years on parole and hopes to eventually immigrate to israel where his second wife lives. and protests began after an officer killed jamal clark, an unarmed black man on sunday. and protesters are demanding video of the shooting be released. and one activist tweeted a disturbing photo and in response, congressman tweeted, my son is peacefully protesting with hands up, officer is shoaledering gun, why. and the congressman spoke, calling for calm. >> i want to make sure that everybody expresses themselves, but that people's emotions don't boil over. >> for the first time ever, the fda has approved a genetically modified salmon to be sold in the u.s. it's been engineered to grow
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twice as fast while eating 10% less food. and they won't require stores to label them as different from all natural salmon and people are questioning the long-term effects of eating genetically modified food. and bill karins is here with your forecast and if you don't like the "s" word, you might want to look away. >> and snow issall rid allready breaking out in nebraska. and how much snow will you have to shovel or possibly play in over the next two days? the bull's eye is from des moines to aims and rockford, chicago. milwaukee. chicago, in the downtown area, probably a little less. and lake michigan a little warm to arer too too.
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from south bend northward, and i think the heavier amounts will be to your north. and rain exiting the northeast and we're dry, much of the southern half of the country looks great today and through your weekend. that cold front is setting the stage for your early morning snow and by sunday, everybody clears it out. very typical november sunday across the country. great for your travel or play. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, today, the snow will be breaking out in areas like sioux falls and sioux city and eventually towards des moines and snow won't be until late tonight and early tomorrow morning in areas like chicago and milwaukee. >> no snow day for the kids because it's saturday. >> but they'll be on the sled and play, so that's great for the weekend.
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kohl's. and we have breaking news to tell you about out of mali. the u.s. embassy is telling americans to shelter in place after a gunman attacked the hotel in a capital city. nbc news reporting there are 170 hostages and right now, police are sealing the yarearea. we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available. political back and forth over syrian refugees has esc escalated every day since the paris attacks and reached new heights yesterday starting with donald trump. >> thereside the be should be a lot of
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but you have to have a border, strength, a wall and we can't let -- i would certainly implement that. absolutely. it would stop people from coming in illegally. we have to stop people from coming to our country illegally. it would be good management. you have to do good management procedures and we can do that. different places. you sign them up at -- but it's all about management. our country has no management. >> so far, it's mostly just been rhetoric until now. the house of representatives turned tough talk into action, approving a bill to effectively halt all refugees from coming into the u.s. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: the fear about
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>> if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you are probably not going to assume something good about that dog and you're probably going to put your children out of the way. we have to have in place screening mechanisms that allow us to determine who the mad dogs are, quite frankly. >> reporter: donald trump telling yahoo he wouldn't rule out requiring muslims to register and carry identification and trump saying the syrians are coming. >> syrians are now being caught at the southern border just like i said. we don't know who they are. >> reporter: and two syrian families including children presented themselves to customs at laredo texas asking for asylum asylum. >> the idea that they pose more
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the tourists that pour in every single day, just doesn't jive with reality. >> reporter: hours later, 47 democrats voted against the president, joining republicans to virtually stop refugees from syria and iraq from coming to the u.s. and requiring the homeland security and head of intelligence to personally certify that each applicant is not a threat and going against the tide, hillary clinton. >> turning away orphans, applying a religious test, slamming the door on every syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. and get a load of this rock. it is the largest diamond found in more than a century and the second largest gem quality
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this morning on "today," controversy over new drone regulations expected to be announced today. what you need to know before buying one this holiday season. in sports, a thriller in los angeles and a few lucky shots. clippers, warriors, golden state down by 23 points in the first half but the warriors rallied on shots like this one from draymond green. steph curry added 40 as the warriors remain perfect in the 124-117 victory. and in jacksonville, thursday night football from the swimming pool to the fourth
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63 yards all the way to the five. and he pitched to julius thomas for what would be the game winner. and bryce harper at just 22 has become the youngest unanimous mvp in baseball history. he hit .330, 99 rbi and a slugging percentage of .649. not bad. and the toronto third baseman had 123 rbis, 41 home runs and 122 runs scores. and check out this daring river rescue caught on camera. a racing kayaker falls out of his boat while hurdling along
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green river narrows. one watching jumped in and another jumped in to get the pair. and the kayaker is expected to recover. just ahead, the wizarding world of harry potter is opening soon and the force is strong with the new "star wars," you'll
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study finds. led by the university of toronto, researchers found contentment did not increase with more frequent intimacy. and the findings were consistent across all age groups. and marathon bombing survivor says airline lost luggage with prosthetic parts. american airlines lost the luggage which contained $250,000 worth of prosthetic leg and dance parts. she received many tweets for support while the search for her luggage is still underway. in chicago, a judge ordered dash cam footage be released. city officials indicate they will attempt to block the release with an appeal, though the mayor announced the city will indeed release the video
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milten pits crenchaw, the last tuskegee airman instructor died. he was 96 years old. a study study shows more mexicans have left than have my grade here. more than 140,000 more mexicans returned to mexico than came into the u.s. the overwhelming reason for leaving was to reunite with family. and google video add showing interspecies friendship is most shared ever. friends fur ever. a minute long ad and it has been on twitter and been viewed more
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68 years ago today, britain's future queen, elizabeth married prince philip at westminster abbey. >> here is a one's child hood fairy tail come to life and let the site and sound fill with the tail everyone awaits. and here it is completed, the most perfect of all royal pictures. >> i'm shannon mulaire, thanks
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we hope you have a great friday.we're expecting snow later preparing... why some of the roads could be slicker than other we'll get.
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games postponed.. organizers of tonight's state


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